Endorsements from Other Attorneys

There is a very, very short list of attorneys who come to mind when I ask myself the question “who would I call if I got in trouble?” Bruce is most certainly on that list. To be a great defense attorney you must be able to earn the trust of your client. Their life and livelihood is in the attorney’s hands. Well, you can trust in Bruce. Trust him to get you through these trying times. If you need an advocate in your corner you can believe in, Bruce is the one for you. — Joshua Pond, Criminal Defense Attorney in Portland, OR

Bruce fights tooth and nail for his clients, and is a real pain for police and prosecutors to deal with, which is exactly what anybody facing criminal charges will want. — Sunil Raju, Criminal Defense Attorney in Sherwood, OR

Bruce is a great attorney. Diligent and creative, I never hesitate to refer a client to him. — Karen Mockrin, Criminal Defense Attorney in Milwaukie, OR

Bruce is a top-notch lawyer and an aggressive advocate for his clients. — Samuel Kauffman, in Portland, OR

I often seek advice from Bruce when researching complicated defense issues. He is open to mentor and assist on criminal matters whenever he can. He does so because he cares about his community! He is an amazing member of Oregon’s defense bar. Bruce will handle your most important affairs with the care and attention to detail that you deserve as a client. I highly recommend his legal services. — Shannon Wilson, DUI / DWI Attorney in Oregon City, OR

Bruce is one of the best DUII criminal defense litigators I know. He is extremely well versed in all aspects of DUII defense from representation at Administrative DMV hearings to the latest scientific attacks on the Intoxilyzer and field sobriety resting. I heartily endorse and recommend his services. — Andrew Kohlmetz, Criminal Defense Attorney in Portland, OR

Bruce is a very resourceful, dedicated, and intelligent attorney. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Bruce in the past, and I’ve seen his skill and creativity first hand. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone. — Richard McBreen, Criminal Defense Attorney in Portland, OR

Bruce Tarbox is an excellent criminal defense attorney. He is a tireless worker and advocates zealously for his clients. I have seen him try cases with great skill and knowledge. I trust Bruce with referrals because I know he is going to take care of his clients. — Matthew Kaplan, Car / Auto Accident Lawyer in Portland, OR

I endorse this lawyer. I’ve known Bruce for several years and always have believed him to be a strong and zealous advocate for his clients and their cases. Without reservation, I endorse Bruce. — Robert Crow, DUI / DWI Attorney in Portland, OR 

It has been my privilege to know Bruce Tarbox for the last 17 years, and throughout that time he has consistently provided sound advice and reassuring guidance. I would not hesitate to refer other clients to him for any criminal defense matter. — Heath Fox, Medical Malpractice Attorney in Seattle, WA

Bruce is a skilled tactician, possesses deep legal understanding, and is smooth in both the courtroom and in negotiations. All in all, the whole package and a valuable ally. — Ryan Scott, Criminal Defense Attorney in Portland, OR

Bruce is a very intelligent and creative lawyer. He excels in all areas of criminal defense, and is a specialist in DUII defense. I recommend Bruce without hesitation. — Jeffrey Turnoy, Criminal Defense Attorney in Portland, OR 

Bruce Tarbox is a hard working, bright, conscientious and ethical lawyer who specializes in DUII defense. He is compassionate and truly cares about the well being of his clients. He is my friend as well as a colleague. — John Hingson, Criminal Defense Attorney in Oregon City, OR

Bruce is an experienced criminal defense attorney, with a wealth of knowledge and dedication to his clients. Bruce has given me sound advice on how to proceed with some of my own cases. I highly recommend Bruce to anyone looking for a criminal defense attorney in the Portland area. — Eric McClendon, Divorce / Separation Lawyer in Portland, OR

Bruce is a thoughtful and aggressive trial lawyer, knowledgeable in all areas of criminal law, but especially in DUIIs. He’s very capable and I recommend him. — Steven Sherlag, Criminal Defense Attorney in Portland, OR

I endorse this lawyer. I have known Bruce for many years. He is very experienced and a highly skilled trial lawyer. — Jason Short, Criminal Defense Attorney in Portland, OR

Bruce Tarbox is a respected member of the criminal defense bar. Bruce Tarbox works hard for his clients. He is smart, resourceful, and diligent. — Mark Cogan, Criminal Defense Attorney in Portland, OR

A hard fighter. Fearless. Knows the ins-and-outs of local courts. And Bruce is a great human being to boot. — Richard Oberdorfer, DUI / DWI Attorney in Portland, OR

Peter Carini endorses Bruce Tarbox. I have known Mr. Tarbox for years and have seem him in action. He knows the Multnomah, Cklackamas and Washington courthouse and prosecutors very well. If I was every so unfortunate as to be accused of a crime, I would be very glad if Mr. Tabox took my case. — Peter Carini, in Medford, OR

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